Yameen Rasheed

For a lot of you, he was @yaamyn with the unfailing wit and never-ending glib comments on twitter. He was the satirist blogger who resolutely brings you the latest updates on the on goings of our society, peppered with undeniable irony and tongue-in-cheek remarks. He was the man who never lost hope or wavered in the fight for the rights of his abducted friend Rilwan.

He was all that, but he was also so much more.

Yameen was everything one could want a friend to be. He would laugh with you, but also at you when the occasion arises. He would send you a text if a few days go by without hearing from you, just to see how you are doing. He would drop everything to sit and listen to all your rants, even for hours at end, and offer advice, help, support, strength and restraint where needed.

He was a brilliant intellectual and a deep thinker. He loved to engage in debate and discussions about anything from fiction to non-fiction, theology to science, politics to civil liberties. He would share his opinion, and often times prove he is right, but always while respecting your views.

He was a brave, empathetic and gentle soul. He was human, he was humane, and he never hesitated to stand up for the rights of the people no matter what they thought of him. He was more afraid of what might happen to our society than he was of what might happen to him.

He was an unrelenting rebel. He was an irreplaceable advocate of hope. He was a warrior wielding a pen.

All for the freedom to think.


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